Kevin Costner is paying tribute to Ray Liotta, who died in his sleep this week at age 67 while shooting a movie in Costa Rica.

Costner and Liotta co-starred in the 1989 classic “Field of Dreams”, with Liotta playing famed baseball legend “Shoeless” Joe Jackson in the inspiring fantasy film.

Costner took to Twitter to share a clip of an iconic scene from the film, in which his character — farmer Ray Kinsella — pitches batting practice with Liotta’s Jackson.

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In the scene, Costner throws a curveball that Liotta smacks back, aiming right at Costner, who falls into the dirt as he scrambles to get out of the way, while Jackson glares angrily.

Admitting that he’s “devastated” to learn of Liotta’s death, Costner reveals that particular scene was unscripted.

“What happened in that moment in the film was real,” Costner wrote. “God gave us that stunt. Now God has Ray.”