Gene Simmons believes Donald Trump has done a lot of damage to America.

In an interview with SPIN, the former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestant got candid about Trump’s presidency and his effect on politics.

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“I know the previous [US] president,” Simmons said. “I knew him before he entered politics. Look what that gentleman did to this country and the polarization — got all the cockroaches to rise to the top. Once upon a time, you were embarrassed to be publicly racist and out there with conspiracy theories. Now it’s all out in the open because he allowed it.”

The musician also criticized Trump for conflating his role as a businessman with that of the president.

“You have a different responsibility when you’re just a citizen or an entrepreneur,” he said. “You don’t make policy. It doesn’t affect life and death. When you get into a position of power, it does affect lives.”

Simmons added, “I don’t think he’s a Republican or a Democrat. He’s out for himself, any way you can get there. And in the last election, over 70 million people bought it hook, line, and sinker.”

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He also went on to lightly criticize the current U.S. president, Joe Biden, for his tenure in office so far.

“The current president [Joe Biden], I like the ethics and morality — not a charismatic guy, unfortunately,” Simmons said. “The first word I keep hearing from people, even friends is ‘feeble.’ I don’t think he should run next time. So then who’s around? There are no stars and invariably people vote for stars, not even what they believe in. The cult of personality. Americans are star obsessed: ‘Kylie’s got a new lip gloss? F**k!’”