Goonies never say die, but Stephen Colbert wouldn’t know that.

On Thursday night, actor Josh Brolin appeared on Global’s “The Late Show” and gave the host a little roasting over apparently never having seen ’80s kids classic “The Goonies”.

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As part of the interview, Colbert had his guest participate in the rapid-fire “The Colbert Questionnaire”, asking questions like if he prefers apples or oranges, and what he thinks the scariest animal is.

Then he got to the big questions: “What do you think happens when we die?”

With help from an audience member, Brolin answered, “Goonies never say die.”

Amazingly, though, Colbert appeared not to understand the reference, finally admitting he’s never seen the movie, which Brolin starred in as a young actor.

“Oh, come on, dude,” Brolin laughed, before realizing Colbert was being serious. “Ever? You’re the one?”

The host tried to explain that when the movie came out he was “just a little too old,” but Brolin wasn’t having it, telling him, “There is no too old for ‘Goonies’. There’s generation after generation… so sad.”

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Colbert tried to save himself by saying that while he hasn’t seen “The Goonies”, he has seen plenty of other classic movies, including “Jaws”.

“You can’t go, ‘Yeah, I saw “Jaws”,’ and say, ‘No, I haven’t seen “Goonies” — is it good?'” Brolin responded. “You can’t be that guy.”

“I’m going to watch it,” the host finally said. “And I’m going to watch it and call you up after.”

“You have to, literally. I’ll give you a number,” Brolin said, joking, “Not my number…”