You’ve never seen a magic show quite like this.

In a preview of the “America’s Got Talent” season 17 premiere, Mervant Vera takes the stage for an unusual addition, combining magic and rap.

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“Watching magic, it kind of made me feel like you have a real superpower,” he says of his childhood attraction to being a magician.

He also describes his dream of having a Vegas show and touring the world with his act, adding that his family is “absolutely wonderful” and supportive.

“This past year, I lost my grandmother,” he reveals. “She was one of my biggest supporters in magic. I remember a couple years ago I wanted to quit magic, and she said, ‘Don’t you dare ever do that.'”

The big twist comes when Vera actually starts to perform, mixing rap into the equation, spitting bars while pulling off some mind-blowing card tricks.

Photo: Chris Haston/NBC
Photo: Chris Haston/NBC

“It goes one for the magic/Two for illusion,” he raps, with the cards matching the lyrics. “Three for the fact that I can mix them both with a fusion.”

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The act immediately has the audience cheering and bouncing along with the music, even winning over the judges by including references to them.

As he finishes off, Vera gets a standing ovation from the audience and most of the judges, a sure sign that he’s going places in the competition.

The new season of “America’s Got Talent” premieres May 31.