The sweet and friendly Teletubbies from the beloved British children’s television show left Teletubbyland and headed straight to the London Palladium to audition for “Britain’s Got Talent.”

The four performers, made up of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po, marched onto the stage for an unexpected performance during Saturday night’s episode.

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The iconic Teletubbies needed no introduction as they were immediately recognized by the crowd and judges, especially Simon Cowell who has a history with the children’s TV stars.

Before doing “the tubby,” the famous characters played a voice over, revealing that 25 years ago a “very special man named Simon Cowell” helped them release their first-ever song “Say Eh-Oh!” that “went all the way to no.1 in 1997.”

Cowell jokingly admitted, “Yes, I was their record label.”

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The Teletubbies proceeded with their televised audition, which marked their 25th anniversary as TV performers. They had the entire audience, including the judges, dancing and cheering on their feet, except for Cowell, who appeared too stunned to move, as the group danced to hits from Beyoncé, ABBA and One Direction.

“Somehow The Teletubbies doing anything is entertaining,” David Walliams commented following their dance routine.

Alesha Dixon was “thrilled” to see them reunite onstage while Amanda Holden, a Teletubbies fangirl, was “in awe” the entire time.

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Cowell confessed he was feeling “quite emotional.”

“We had a lot of success together …this is a big moment,” he said before finally getting up to make his way onstage for a big group hug.

Cowell quickly got “back to business” giving The Teletubbies their first “yes,” followed by another three yeses and a standing ovation from the judges as they applauded the fan-favourite performers’ place in the next round.