Today’s Word of the Day is “respect”.

On Monday, “Sesame Street” debuted a new video featuring “Atlanta” star Zazie Beetz, in which she talked about the meaning of “respect” for yourself, for others, and for the world around us.

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“We’re all showing respect right now by listening to each other and taking turns,” Beetz says.

“Our words, actions and feelings are all ways we can show respect,” she tells the Muppets in the video.

The actress also asks, “Do you know the most important thing?” to which the Muppets answer in unison, “We all deserve respect.”

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Beetz suggests they show Oscar the Grouch some respect by giving him all the “mucky leaves” they’ve been raking up.

Many other celebrities have appeared in “Word of the Day” videos for “Sesame Street”, including Amanda Gorman, first lady Jill Biden, and Gabrielle Union, among others.