A lady on Monday’s episode of “Antiques Roadshow” got quite the shock.

Vie Carlson was hoping to get a valuation of a letter written by Frank Sinatra in 1976, saying she was going to faint after it was given a price tag of “at least” $15,000 at auction.

According to Yahoo!, Sinatra wrote the angry letter in question to Chicago journalist Mike Ryoko, who had written an unflattering op-ed about the singer in the Daily News.

Among other things, Ryoko claimed in the piece that the streets of Chicago were more dangerous because Sinatra had used some of the city’s police force as his own personal security.

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Sinatra was said to have written, “Quite frankly, I don’t understand ‘Why people don’t spit in your eye three or four times a day.'”

“I will allow you to pull my ‘hairpiece’,” the iconic singer added to the journo, who mocked his hair. “If it moves, I will give you another $100,000; if it does not, I punch you in the mouth. How about it?”

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After being given a chair to sit down on while she came to terms with the exciting news, Carlson shouted to anybody nearby, “Did you all hear that?”

Carlson said, “If I ever sell it, the money goes to the Salvation Army. So the more, the merrier.”

The original valuation of the letter took place back in 2009, with “Antiques Roadshow” experts later placing an updated value of $20,000 on it, much to Carlson’s delight.

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