With the summer heat upon us, the question that’s on everyone’s mind is which songs will set the mood for summer 2022? With new music from artists like Harry Styles, Lizzo and Jack Harlow dropping fresh new music, we’re looking at the top 10 songs that are making waves to potentially be the song of the summer!


10. “Bam Bam” – Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran

Camila Cabello dropped her album, Familia back in April, and with it came the infectious track “Bam Bam” featuring none other than Ed Sheeran. “Bam Bam” touches on Camila’s break-up with former boyfriend, Shawn Mendes. But takes the high road by looking at the positives, because “Así es la vida, sí, yeah, that’s just life, baby”.


9. “Sweetest Pie” – Megan Thee Stallion and Dua Lipa

Summer got off to a sweet start when Megan Thee Stallion teamed up with Dua Lipa for their collaboration “Sweetest Pie”. For starters, the music video is giving medieval mystical realness, the video itself will have you smashing the repeat button. However, the song itself is also an absolute BOP that we are sure will be played on constant repeat on summer patios and bars.


8. “Potion” – Calvin Harris, Dua Lipa, and Young Thug

Dua Lipa has another potential summer 2022 smash, after previously teaming up with Calvin Harris in 2017 on their collab “One Miss”, Dua Lipa and Calvin Harris throw Young Thug into the mix to give fans “Potion”. The song’s smooth and comforting melodic beat is the perfect track to play while tanning by the poolside or during pre-drinks before a summer night out.


7. “Big Energy” – Latto, Mariah Carey and DJ Khaled

We can tell that “Big Energy” by Latto has some “big big energy”, especially on the remix which features none other than Mariah Carey and DJ Khaled. This feel-good pop-rap track samples Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy”, which gives the song a little bit of that old soul love with some new 2022 elements. If there aren’t too many that can handle you, than perhaps “Big Energy” is the song for you to get yourself hyped up for summer 2022.


6. “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” – Kate Bush

A song no one thought would be a contender for song of summer 2022, since it was released back in 2003, “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” by Kate Bush has re-entered the charts thanks to the popular Netflix show Stranger Things. The track previously spent 21 weeks on the chart back in 2003, and has now returned and is currently sitting at the 8th spot on the Billboard Hot 100.


5. “Heat Waves” – Glass Animals

You can burn out the flame that is Glass Animals’ “Heat Waves” no matter how many summers pass by. Despite being released in the summer of 2020, “Glass Animals” remains at the top of the charts, having been on the charts for 72 weeks, and currently sitting at number 5. We guess when the summer heat hits, it has people turning up “Heat Waves” to match the mood.


4. “Wait For U” – Future, Drake & Tems

Future, Drake and Tems named a number one hit with “Wait For U”, off of Future’s I Never Liked You album. The track is incredible melo, and is the perfect background music to accompany a day at the beach, day by the pool, or played at full volume on a nice summer drive. Besides what did people expect when 3 legends collaborated on one song? Pure magic, that’s what!


3. “First Class” – Jack Harlow

This summer we recommend not settling for economy or business class, instead, we recommend opting in for first-class and live that glamorous lifestyle. “First Class” by Jack Harlow samples Fergie’s “Glamorous” and has already had a strong start by sitting on the top of Billboard Top 100’s since it’s release. This summer we are all buckled up for Jack Harlow to take us to first class, because in summer 2022 we expect no less than the best!


2. “About Damn Time” – Lizzo

In a minute, we’re gonna need Lizzo to pump us up for summer 2022! The pop sensation is gearing up to drop her sophomore album, Special on July 15, which we’re sure will include a slue of incredible upbeat bops! But until then, “About Damn Time” has us up and grooving and enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Whether you know the TikTok dance, or simply just enjoy having a grand old time, Lizzo sure knows how to set the tone for some summer upbeat fun.


1. “As It Was” – Harry Styles

Although summers are made to be spent outside, we personally don’t mind spending time inside at Harry’s House.