Simon Cowell insisted the “America’s Got Talent” team have had some bad luck since Sofía Vergara joined as a judge in 2020.

Cowell, Vergara, Heidi Klum, and host Terry Crews chatted with Kelly Clarkson about the new series, with Clarkson mentioning Cowell’s recent bike accident.

He insisted, “[It’s] the assassin. Ever since Sofía joined the show, we’ve all had accidents.”

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Vergara quipped, “I don’t believe it because nothing has happened to me. I don’t know why he blames me for everything,” pointing out that she hasn’t even had COVID during the pandemic.

Heidi Klum added, “When Sofía came the first year, we met the next day, I was sick.”

Clarkson insisted to Vergara, “I think you’re great juju!”

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During their interview, Cowell also agreed to let Klum dress him for a day if they could all wear “AGT” uniforms in exchange.

Crews, on the other hand, said he was going to show up shirtless.

See more in the clip above.