“The Flight Attendant” could be getting grounded.

That’s the belief of star Kaley Cuoco, who thinks the story has come to its natural conclusion and should end after the current second season.

In the series, Cuoco plays Cassie Bowden, an airline flight attendant and recovering alcoholic who moonlights as a CIA asset in her spare time.

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In an interview with People, the former “Big Bang Theory” star said there are currently no plans for a third season of the HBO dramedy.

“Now, I’m like, ‘Well, we did two. We should probably be done.’ And I think I’ve been outnumbered with that thought,” she said. “There’s definitely interest in doing a third season. I think for me, at this moment, the plane has landed.”

However, Cuoco admitted that she “could possibly get back in it,” but wouldn’t want to immediately jump right into a new season.

“I think I need a minute. I just kind of feel like we just ended,” she explained. “Some of my favourite shows on TV take some time to come back, and then I get very excited about a new season. I want to make sure that the fans are excited and that we’re not pushing it too hard.”

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According to Cuoco, there would have to be a very compelling storyline for Cassie to justify a third season. “I mean, we’ve done so much this season. Even in the eight episodes, we’ve done so much story that I’m thinking, Well, what could we do next? So it’s going to take a lot of thought to make sure if we go back that it’s better than the last two, which is very hard to do,” she added.

As for what happens next, Cuoco said that “the best part” about the way the second season concludes is that the show “could definitely be done or it’s definitely open to continuing.”

Said Cuoco: “I think the writers and the team did a really beautiful job in tying it up in a pretty bow. But if you had to open the bow, it would be okay.”