Cameron Diaz is learning to cut herself some slack as she slowly resumes her exercise regime after being forced to take eight months off due to an injury.

Writing about the experience of for Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop newsletter, Diaz wrote about recovering from an injury to her Achilles tendon.

“I’m still healing from an injured Achilles, so I’ve been away from working out for eight months. I used to be really strong and really active, and I was made to sort of be still for a while,” she wrote.

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“And for anyone who’s been trying to come back from something like that — it doesn’t have to be an injury; it can happen after giving birth or any process in life that stops you in your tracks — going easy on yourself is the way through it,” she continued. “Being so strong most of my life, I was used to going hard and leaning into my strength, and I’ve had to do the opposite.”

Instead, she’s done “a lot of lying on my floor, being with my body to understand what it needed: Maybe my hips needed to twist or my back needed to arch. I didn’t force it into anything and just honoured the fact that I had an injury.”

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She added: “It wasn’t about jumping back into my usual workout. It’s been a process of building myself back, and I feel like I’m stronger now than when I started.”