Hailey Bieber is getting candid about her mental health journey.

In a new video posted to her YouTube channel on Tuesday, the model, 25, discussed how therapy has been at the heart of her mental health wellness plan in recent years.

“There are several things I like to do to check in with myself,” Bieber said in the video which highlights Mental Health Awareness Month. “One of those things being talk to somebody you trust.”

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Bieber revealed that she has been seeing a therapist for the past four years, a relationship she credits with improving her mental wellbeing. “It’s something that I felt not sure of in the beginning,” she said. “But the more I’ve grown my relationship with my therapist, it has been such a game changer for me and it’s a space where I feel really safe to be able to talk about what’s going on in my mind, say things out loud and feel safe and not feel judged.”

Bieber also said breathing exercises have helped her “in times of just feeling a lot of anxiety.” Other self-care activities she loves include taking baths and spending time in nature.

Given that Bieber has 44.7 million Instagram followers, it’s not surprising that social media has been “taxing” on her inner peace.

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“I’m somebody who struggles with people-pleasing and really wanting everybody to like me and caring a lot about what people have to say and what they think,” she explained.

But despite the “negativity” that can come with social media, Mrs. Bieber also believes there are many positive aspects to online life. “I think it’s a really wonderful and beautiful tool to be able to connect with people,” she said. “There’s a lot about it that I also do love and I’m just in a space where I’m trying to have the healthiest relationship with social media that I possibly can.”