Kate Moss appears to be showing up for Johnny Depp in real life after she virtually testified on his behalf last week during the actor’s $50 million defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard.

The supermodel, who is also Depp’s former girlfriend, visited London’s Royal Albert Hall on Tuesday night where she watched Depp play his guitar while rocking out on stage with rock legend Jeff Beck.

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Earlier in the week it was rumoured that Depp, who is currently waiting for the verdict of his trial, had invited Moss to one of his gigs, which she seems to have accepted.

This was the actor’s third time performing with Beck in the U.K. The two previously performed at the same venue the night prior (May 30) and in Sheffield on May 29.

In photos obtained by Daily Mail, Moss was spotted exiting the show alone, with the exception of her bodyguard, Tuesday evening after she reunited with Depp backstage following his performance with Beck.

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Moss and Depp dated for four years during the ’90s (1994-1998).

The model testified for Depp after Heard brought up Moss’ name the week prior while describing a fight she had with her ex-husband in 2015. Moss shut down the rumour that she was supposedly pushed down a flight of stairs while dating Depp.