Warning: Spoilers for the ending of season 42 of “Survivor”.









Sia is surprising her favourite contestant on “Survivor”.

Season 42 of the reality show ended with Maryanne Oketch in the winner’s chair, but that isn’t stopping the Australian singer from rewarding Drea Wheeler – a contestant she believes was eliminated from the show too early.

In a video shared to the official “Survivor” Twitter account, Sia surprised Wheeler in a sudden video call.

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“You’re an amazing woman,” Sia praised. “You played the game, like, so smooth and your fire got put out way too early for my liking. And also the way you handled that situation at Tribal was so graceful and I just love you.”

But Sia didn’t stop there. She wanted to show her appreciation to the contestant with more than words.

“I want to give you $100,000 just to say, like, you’re a good person,” she continued. “And you deserve to be rewarded for being a good person. I love you.”

The act of generosity brought Wheeler to tears.

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“I’m genuinely speechless right now,” she said. “I’m so very grateful for this moment. Thank you so much.”

Sia replied, “You’re welcome. I love you. Keep going!”

Wheeler finished the show in seventh place, which means she was able to reappear in the jury.

The 46-year-old singer often gives away prizes to her favourite contestants on each season of “Survivor” with “The Sia Awards”.