Wolf Van Halen is not mincing his words when it comes to Reelz’s impending episode titled, “Autopsy: The Last Hours of Van Halen”.

Reelz is premiering season 13 of the documentary-style television series investigating deaths of celebrities like Chadwick Boseman, John F. Kennedy, Andre the Giant and Eazy E. The long-running series announced an episode focused on Eddie Van Halen premiering this weekend.

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“F**k @ReelzChannel, f**k everyone that works on this show, and f**k you if you watch it,” his son Wolf tweeted on Wednesday. “F**king disgusting trying to glamorize someone’s death from cancer. Pathetic and heartless.”

Wolf’s mom and Eddie’s ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli replied:

Reelz has since released a statement following the criticism: “‘Autopsy: The Last Hours of...’ responsibly explores the circumstances of the passing of well known and genuinely loved celebrities who the public cares about immensely.

“The Reelz series generates much feedback from our viewers ranging from medical professionals who praise its scientific accuracy, fans who tell us it provides closure or that they have become more proactive for the benefit of their health and many who gain helpful perspective of health issues that might not otherwise receive attention like Karen Carpenter who brought anorexia into the public consciousness, Prince whose passing focused attention on the opioid epidemic and Luke Perry whose passing renewed attention to strokes that affect people of all ages,” Yahoo! reported.

Eddie died in Oct. 20 following a three-year battle with cancer.

Below is Reelz’s description of the impending episode. After teeing up Eddie by acknowledging his musical accomplishments, the recap takes a notable tone shift.

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“Behind his contagious smile there was a darker undercurrent that would plague Eddie throughout his life,” it reads. “As an extremely shy kid Eddie started drinking alcohol at just 12 years old to calm his nerves after seeing his father drink to calm himself and for the next four decades Eddie wrestled with addiction issues. Often relying on alcohol and other substances to maintain his creativity Eddie would spend many years in and out of rehab. He was a workaholic often pushing his body to the limits in order to perform while secretly battling illness.

“Eddie died at the age of 65 from cancer but if caught early Eddie’s disease had reasonable survival rates so what exactly happened? Now renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter will analyze every detail of his life in order to piece together what else may have been going on in his body, ultimately leading to his untimely death.”