Lil Nas X is putting the BET Awards on blast on social media.

In a series of now-deleted tweets, the rapper sarcastically thanked the awards show on Wednesday after he discovered he wasn’t nominated in any category.

“thank you bet awards. an outstanding zero nominations again,” he tweeted, via Billboard. “black excellence!”

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When Twitter users questioned the musician’s beliefs he should qualify, he listed his accomplishments in the last year.

“idk maybe 3 of the biggest songs of last year & a critically acclaimed album,” he told one user. “i feel like that should’ve helped me a bit.” When another user argued that his latest music wasn’t hip-hop, he reminded them the awards have a pop category.

In another conversation with fans on the site, he argued that it wasn’t even about being nominated itself – but rather feeling a sense of achievement.

“i just feel like black gay ppl have to fight to be seen in this world and even when we make it to the top mfs try to pretend we are invisible,” he wrote.

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Lil Nas X will not be attending the awards show, but he is set to receive another award in June. The singer is being honoured with the Hal David Starlight Award at the 2022 Songwriters Hall of Fame Gala, which is given to “gifted young songwriters who are making a significant impact in the music industry via their original songs.” Past recipients include Taylor Swift, Nick Jonas, and Drake.