Chace Crawford plays one of the skewed superheroes in Prime Video’s hit “The Boys”, which is returning with its third season this week.

While “The Boys” is clearly a parody of superhero-group movies such as “Avengers” and “Justice League”, not everyone is apparently in on the joke.

Speaking with GQ, Crawford revealed that his character — a takeoff of Aquaman named The Deep — has drawn the ire of fans of the original superhero.

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“Occasionally on Instagram, I’ll get a, ‘F**k you, fish guy. You think it’s funny to make fun of Aquaman?’” Crawford recalled.

Not only does Crawford take such criticism in stride, he actually encourages it.

“I’m like, perfect,” he quipped. “That’s exactly what I want.”

The third season of “The Boys” premieres Friday, June 3.