Adam Sandler and Queen Latifah play husband and wife in the upcoming Netflix basketball movie “Hustle”, and each made separate appearances on”Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to promote the project.

During Sandler’s segment, the guest revealed he still enjoys playing basketball and will often join a game at the park.

“I see a game going on, I know where parks are,” Sandler said. “If I’m shooting in a particular state or a city, I’ll ask around where’s some good games and then I go and show up.”

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Sandler recalled a recent game during which one of the players came up to him to let him know he recognized him

“He just goes, ‘Are you Ben Stiller?’” Sandler said. “I said, ‘Yes I am,’ and then I realized he thinks I’m Stiller so I can foul a little more. I let him have it.”

In her interview Queen Latifah gushed about playing Sandler’s spouse in the movie.

“I love Adam Sandler — come on,” she said. “How can you not love Adam Sandler?”

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She discussed her co-star’s generosity: “I was admiring his sneakers earlier today. He was like, ‘Hey, go to the store, get Queen a couple of pair of these.’ And they just showed up in my room. So he’s a good provider, and I appreciate that.”