Audrina Patridge is finding it hard to believe that MTV is rebooting “The Hills.”

Patridge, 37, spoke about the reboot during a livestream on TalkShopLive to promote her new book, Choices: To The Hills and Back Again.

“I can’t believe they’re doing this, to be honest,” she said, as PEOPLE reports. “We were all kind of shocked. Especially because on ‘The Hills: New Beginnings,’ we had a cast of 14 and it was actually really hard to film because there were so many people and so many things going on.”

With the reboot slated to have a cast of 20, Patridge added, “I don’t know how they’re going to do that. It’s going to be a very busy show.”

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On a more personal note, she said, “I’m a little bummed out about it but I guess they want a younger generation and as you get older, you have more responsibilities and you care about your image. And we’re not in our twenties anymore, so I guess getting a new generation of kids makes sense ’cause they’re going to be carefree and wild.”

Patridge also shared that she and the other OG “Hills” cast members found out about the reboot on Instagram. “We all sent each other like, DMs and messages, texting of what was out there from Instagram, like, the announcement,” she recalled. “And [we] were like, ‘Oh, my gosh. I cannot believe they are redoing ‘The Hills’ and like, ‘What the heck?'”

“It’s kind of a shock,” she continued, saying that she feels like she and her fellow cast members “ran [their] course.” “We didn’t really have too much more drama to give,” she said. “We’re all, like, moms and dads and dating and like, a little bit more reserved than we used to be.”

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Despite her feelings of disappointment, Patridge still plans to watch the reboot. “The Hills was such an iconic reality show,” she told viewers during the livestream. “It’s an original reality show. It kind of helped start that type of soap opera reality and it is going to be really weird with new people taking over. But I think they’re going to try to change the entire [thing]. … It’s not going to be anything like the original Hills. I can’t wait. I’m going to have to tune in and watch. There’s no way I can’t.”

MTV’s reboot of “The Hills” was announced in May. Titled, “The Hills: Next Gen,” the series has been touted as “more diverse than the original,” per Deadline. The show will follow a group of twentysomething friends and aspiring entrepreneurs as they navigate the realities of race, class, identity, addiction, family drama, the thrills of romance and becoming self-made. Though still set in LA, “The Hills: Next Gen” will be set further west than its original namesake, this time filming in the hills of Malibu.