Is Mr. Nasty going soft?

Simon Cowell became a TV star due to his unflinching and occasionally scathing critiques of performers on “American Idol” and other talent competitions, but he’s not regretting some comments he made to a group of performers after their recent “Britain’s Got Talent” audition.

According to the Daily Mail, Cowell wasn’t impressed with the performance by an act dubbed Matricks Illusion, even pressing his buzzer to emphasize his displeasure.

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“I buzzed because I didn’t feel it was magical enough. There was a lot of chaos, and whereas I like these big magic acts compared to cards, we had a magician on a few days ago who I thought was so much better,” Cowell told the group.

“I didn’t think this… this lacked, I don’t know, star power for me,” he added.

Viewers noticed that Cowell’s critique hit one of the group’s members, a young girl named Lamala, particularly hard, with another dancer comforting her as tears streamed down her face.

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Later in the show, Cowell interrupted the proceedings to reveal that he regretted his harsh words.

“I’d like to say something, you know, going back to the very first act, I didn’t realize I’d really upset someone,” said Cowell.

‘I just apologized to her, called Lamala, and I feel really awful, I now hate myself,” Cowell confessed before continuing on with the show.