Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how famous you are when it comes to taking a bite out of the Big Apple. This proved true for Justin Bieber and Hailey Bieber over the weekend, when they were turned away from a famous New York dining hotspot.

A source tells ET that Hailey and Justin were treated like anyone else would be when they tried to get into the hot NYC restaurant Carbone without a reservation.

“Hailey and Justin love being in New York,” says the source. “They love hitting up restaurants and shopping.”

However, their somewhat humbling experience came when they tried to get into the exclusive Italian restaurant after Justin’s Saturday night concert at Barclay’s — but were politely turned away.

“They tried to get into Carbone,” says the source, “but they got denied.”

They didn’t let that put a damper on their dinner plans though, according to the source the couple went to nearby Socialista instead, and had a great time.

Justin is currently on his Justice World Tour, and was in Brooklyn for the night. On Sunday, Justin was in Detroit, Michigan, and his tour resumes Tuesday in Toronto, Canada.

For more on the superstar couple, check out the video below.


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