Cheryl Hickey On Being A Directioner For A Day

1D blog Cheryl
Photos: George Pimentel

By Cheryl Hickey

Okay, how do I
blog about One Direction without sounding like I am totally
crushing on them? Well I can’t! So let me relive my youth if only but for a

started with that, I also have to say Roz, if you’re reading this don’t say “I
told you so.”; See, Roz told me the day before I interviewed the guys that I was “going to have a crush on them after I met them.”

almost everyone in the office was taken by the album, some more so than others –
you know who you are 😉 D-S

On the day
of the interview I sat in makeup listening to their acoustic version of “More Than This,” watching “Spin the Harry”; and wondering if these guys are really aware of
the fame that is torpedoing their way?

Cheryl hIckey outift blog

reconstruction I head down to the Soho Met, valet my car and walk into the hotel
when a women rushes up to me with a panic on her face. She says, “I’m sorry you
can’t be in here… Oh uhhhhhhhhhh Cheryl it’s you? I’m sorry I thought you were
one of the teen fans.”; So this is a damn good day for me to mistaken for a
teen, this must mean it is going to be a banner day.

Now feeling
rather chuffed, I am escorted up to the penthouse where the guys – Harry Styles,
Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson – will meet with me for our
exclusive chat. I open the door to the sick suite and One Direction music is
blaring. I ride up the elevator “inside” the suite to the top floor, where
the crew is setting up. By setting up, I mean they are getting the lighting just
right, cameras and tea set. Yes, we decided to serve tea to the guys.
Once we have it all set we wait, go over our game plan and wait some more. Then
people start whispering and all of a sudden Zayn zips up the
elevator and goes out to the balcony. Then Harry blew in with the rest of the
guys, goofing around in the elevator and looking rather excited to be here.

1D Tea Cheryl

After a few
moments of fresh air, the guys come on over to the couch, we say our hellos and
it happens – I start getting kisses on the cheek! All I can think, is so many of
the Directioners are going to wish they were here. Good thing we are
airing a full special April 6 on these guys.

So once the
interview starts, it’s clear they have been media coached on how not to talk
about their love lives too much. In YouTube interviews I had
seen how candid the guys were before. So it’s clear the tabloid papers have
already left a mark on this fresh new group. Having said that, we did talk about
dating, who is off the market and romance. Then we talk about fame, music and
skinny dipping and why Louis is the one who is a free bird. Sneak peek below!

nearly a half-hour of chatting, laughing and talking about their Canadian fans,
the guys and I say our goodbyes. They’re off to meet some fans down at the
Corus building and perform for the nearly 300 contest winners.

In the end,
I have to say every generation needs to have a NKOTB-BSB-NSYNC, and it seems that
One Direction is the perfect group to fill the void. They have the look, the
swag, the sound and now a half-hour special on Global April 6.



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