Carrie Underwood is spilling the tea in a game of “Country Star Confessions”.

Speaking with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman in anticipation of her upcoming album Denim & Rhinestones, arriving June 10, the country superstar reveals the one food she can’t resist, the country music stars who are great at taking care of her kids, and more.

As for her go-to cheat meal, Underwood reveals she’s a “big cheese person,” while admitting, “I’m a vegetarian, and I will flirt with veganism occasionally, but cheese is my vice… just a giant plate of cheese.”

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When it comes to which of her famous friends she would trust to babysit her children, Isaiah, 7, and Jacob, 3, she tells Morgan her two boys love to be around the pretty girls.

“I was really lucky on our last tour to be out with just incredible ladies,” says Underwood. “We had Maddie & Tae, and we had Runaway June, and they loved on my kiddos so much. Isaiah would always be on somebody’s lap, you know eating, cause he knew. He knew what he was doing. He’s like pretty girls? I’m there.”

She adds of her former tour mates: “They were so, so good to them, so, I would definitely trust any of those ladies to look after the boys, because they have.”

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As for a habit or quirk that drives her family and friends crazy, the singer jokes: “Nothing, I’m perfect.”

Getting serious, Underwood does admit she has a few bad habits, telling us she’s “not a good driver” and she doesn’t “do math.”

Watch Underwood’s “Country Star Confessions” above.

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