Gloria Estefan has shut down rumours of a “Real Housewives of Miami” appearance.

The singer was asked by E! News whether she’d be interested in joining the show, given that she’s friends with a lot of the cast members and lives in Miami.

Estefan insisted, “I’m so proud of them and what they’re doing. Our schedules are just off kilter…. So, I don’t know if I’ll be there.”

She added of whether she’d join the show, “Oh, no, that’s too much work. First of all, I have five dogs, and for the dogs to be disrupted in that way, it’s not gonna happen to have a crew shooting in my house.”

Despite it being a no-go for her, Estefan applauded all the ladies for laying it “all on the table.”

“I think they’re doing an amazing job,” she insisted. “I’m very proud of them.”

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Estefan made the comments while attending the “Father of the Bride” premiere.

The flick puts a twist on the beloved 1991 movie of the same name, making it the third film adaptation of the original 1949 novel.

She said of the film: “It’s daunting when you’re going to do the third thing of anything, or the fourth actually, because Steve Martin did two films.

“But I laughed out loud when I first read the script. And I knew that it was going to be a journey because Andy [García] and ‘Gaz’ [Gary Alazraki] really changed a lot of things in the script, making sure that we didn’t lean into stereotypes just for a laugh. There’s plenty of humour without having to go there.”

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She continued, “I was just happy to see a beautiful, two beautiful Latin families represented in such a wonderful way. And I thought, Okay, this is a great idea to be able to portray this wonderful IP, you know, this intellectual property is important. It’s been big. And to add layers to it was really great.”