Fans can expect a sequel — not a reboot — to the 1980s sitcom “Who’s the Boss?”.

Tony Danza, who played Tony Micelli on the show, confirmed something was in the works during an interview with Fox 5 New York’s Rosanna Scotto for “Good Day New York”.

As he was questioned why there wouldn’t be a “Taxi” reboot, Danza said, “I don’t think you should do every show in a reboot.

“You know why they do reboots, right? The only reason why they do it is because they can’t promote them.

“How do you launch a new show with all this fragmentation? So you have to have something that people recognize,” Danza added.

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The actor went on, “I’m still waiting to see what happens with the sequel to ‘Who’s the Boss?’ It’s not a reboot.”

He insisted they hadn’t shot anything, adding: “We’re waiting for the writers.”

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Danza said that Judith Light, who played Angela Bower, would play a “small part” in the sequel, but it would mainly feature him and Alyssa Milano (Samantha Micelli).

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