Andy Cohen already has a plan if his kids can’t have children themselves.

The “Watch What Happens Live” host, who is a father to son Ben, 3, and daughter Lucy, 5 weeks, both of whom he welcomed via surrogate, spoke about how many embryos he has left during a chat with SiriusXM’s “Jeff Lewis Live”.

Cohen said, “I have a few. I can’t remember. I think I have three left?” according to People.

He added, “You know what I’m thinking — this is crazy — but if either of them cannot have kids, maybe in 20 years they’ll defrost their sibling and raise them. Is that a weird thought?”

The star explained how his kids are “biological siblings,” confirming he didn’t use the same surrogate for the births.

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Cohen said of Ben and his baby sister, “[He] loves her but is trying to kill her” because he’s jealous.

“The crazy thing is, by design, I am spending so much time with him,” Cohen shared.

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“Because, by the way, she doesn’t know what’s happening. I sit with her for a few hours a day and I’m like ‘Just smell me. Hear my voice. This is me. I’m your dad.’

“But [with Ben], I’m really in there with him and I don’t know if it’s really registering how much time I’m spending with him.”