The Joker will be making a comeback.

On Tuesday, Todd Phillips — who directed the 2019 Oscar-winning “Joker” — took to Twitter to share a photo of the red cover of the script for the sequel.

Co-written by Phillips and Scott Silver (who collaborated on the screenplay for the first film), the title of the sequel was revealed as “Folie à deux”.

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In a second photo in the post, Joaquin Phoenix (who won a Best Actor Academy Award for his performance in the first film) is seen reading through the script, indicating he’ll be reprising the role of Arthur Fleck.

According to the National Library of Medicine, folie à deux is the medical term for a “rare clinical syndrome” in which those suffering from a psychotic disorder  are able to transmit their delusions to others.

A sequel to “Joker” was originally reported in 2019 — with the report quickly denied by Phillips, who shot down the news. “I have to be honest, it came out of nowhere,” he said of the report. “It referred to a meeting that was never had. I thought it was anticipatory at best.”

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However, a 2021 story in The Hollywood Reporter on high-powered Hollywood lawyers revealed that Phillips had struck a deal with Warner Bros. to write a script for the sequel, with that script seemingly completed.