She may only be 11, but Madison Taylor Baez packs a powerful voice that belies her youth.

The youngster proved that on the latest edition of “America’s Got Talent”, when Maddie — as she’s now known — participated in a prank on the judges that wound up making a huge impression.

During a break in filming, Maddie was escorted into the audience, where the show’s warmup comedian asked members of the audience to sing. After a gentleman performed a jazzy version of “When the Saints Go Marching In”, the comic handed the mic to Maddie — who burst into a soaring and stunning a cappella rendition of “Amazing Grace” that quickly made the judges turn around to see who possessed that extraordinary voice.

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Simon Cowell, walking back to his chair, stopped in his tracks, not believing such a powerful voice could be coming from such a tiny human. He then encouraged Maddie to continue the song on the stage — which she did, earning a thunderous standing ovation from the audience while she wiped tears from her cheeks.

“This is what you wanted, this is your dream, to be on this stage, not just to watch,” judge Howie Mandel tells her. “Everybody’s going to know your name now, young lady. Your life is going to change.”

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When it came time for the judges to vote, the crowd began chanting “Golden Buzzer,” leading Mandel to rise from his seat and slam his palm on the Golden Buzzer to send Maddie through to the next round.