Dwyane Wade took a swipe at anti-trans politics while speaking candidly about raising a transgender daughter at the Time 100 Summit Tuesday.

Wade shares 15-year-old daughter Zaya, who came out as trans in 2020, with wife Gabrielle Union, telling CNN’s Poppy Harlow at the event: “As blessed as my daughter is to have parents who can support her, I’m still afraid every moment she leaves the house. And not just because of gun violence, but because of the way people perceive her in this world.”

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Harlow mentioned Louisiana enacting an anti-trans sports ban, adding that that’s not the first U.S. state to do so.

Wade responded, “To me, it’s a joke. This is our life. We live this. When you’re out there making rules, if you’re not experiencing this, come and live a day with my daughter. Come and see how it is to walk through this world as her.”

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Wade admitted, “I went years without telling my chef that I don’t like cilantro on my burger — as an adult, it took me years to have the confidence to say that.

“My daughter, at eight years old, had the confidence to say, ‘This is who I am. This is who I want to be.’”

When Harlow questioned whether he might run for office one day, Wade replied, “I don’t know. I won’t say no.”