One of Chris Pratt’s recent pranks almost went horribly wrong.

The actor told host Jimmy Kimmel on his show Wednesday about a prank he tried to pull on the “Terminal List” team while shooting a difficult scene for the series.

Admitting the whole thing was “not smart,” Pratt explained how he’d been filming a scene where his character James Reece gets caught in a mudslide.

Pratt told Kimmel, “The last thing we did was me essentially getting buried alive. So I’m lying on about a 45-degree angle, buried up to my head in dirt and what they’re going to do is cover me with dirt.

“I’m breathing through a straw and they use an excavator to dump another big bucket full of dirt on top of me in the shot and I’m supposed to crawl my way out.”

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The star then thought it would be hilarious to not move for about 30 seconds and then burst out from under the dirt.

“What I failed to realize after 30 seconds of not moving thinking it would be funny is that I actually couldn’t move,” Pratt recalled. “I could only move my right hand. Took a minute and a half and I finally get out and I cough up dirt.”

He laughed, “People come up to me, and go, ‘Dude, that was some of the best acting that I’ve ever seen you do.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, I s**t my pants. That’s how committed I was.’”

Elsewhere in the interview, Pratt joked about finally learning how to spell his wife Katherine Schwarzenegger‘s last name.

“I’ve learned now,” Pratt admitted. “It’s a long name.”

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Pratt, who shares daughters Lyla, 1, and Eloise, who was born on May 21, with Schwarzenegger, told Kimmel: “There are a lot of letters in these children’s names.

“Schwarzenegger is the second middle name. We didn’t hyphenate the names. It’s a middle name.”

Kimmel then questioned whether Pratt’s father-in-law Arnold Schwarzenegger insisted on passing down the family name to the kids.

“That was Katherine,” Pratt, who also shares 9-year-old son Jack with ex-wife Anna Faris, said. “She’s got his strength. What Mama says, goes.”