Ewan McGregor didn’t pull any strings for his daughter Esther in landing a role on “Obi-Wan Kenobi”.

“I’m sure everybody thinks she got the job because of me, but really she didn’t,” McGregor, 51, explains while on “The Late Late Show With James Corden” on Wednesday. “She auditioned for the role.”

The actor says it was Deborah Chow, the Canadian director of the series, that approached McGregor to tell him about her audition.

“Deb, the brilliant director, said to me, ‘I found this great girl but she turns out to be your daughter. Are you happy with that?'” he recalls. “I said that would be amazing.”

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Esther, 20, had a small role as Tehta Grig, a spice dealer who has a brief run-in with Obi-Wan on the streets of Daiyu.

“She was just brilliant,” the proud dad says. “You don’t really know with your kids until that moment when I was acting with her and it felt really normal and natural.”

Something that also came natural to McGregor was riding a camel while filming the Disney+ series, forming a bond with an animal named Silas.

“In the original films, I literally rode a gym horse that was painted blue,” the actor says, demonstrating how he had to make it look like he was riding a real animal.

“This time I had a real camel called Silas and a trainer called Titus. He was a lovely man and he called me ‘cowboy’ all the time, which I really liked. As a Scotsman we don’t get called cowboys a lot,” he says with a laugh. The actor says the camel is older and getting ready for retirement. He even considered adopting Silas but ultimately decided he was a bit too busy.

“I have a little baby and I’ve got probably enough on my plate without having the camel, too.”