Jensen Ackles has nothing but fond memories of his time on “Supernatural”.

The actor, who played Dean Winchester on the much-loved series, said that the cast and crew became more like family after spending 15 years together on set.

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He told Seth Meyers on Wednesday’s “Late Night”, “I spent birthdays and we spent holidays and we — there was just — we went through so much together as a crew and a cast that by the end of it, it was a really sad goodbye, but something that we all felt like we really earned.”

Ackles said of the lengthy run, “I think we topped out at 327 episodes of prime-time television… which was a long, long run.”

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He insisted, “It was fantastic. There was a reason why I think we all stuck around, though, because we just truly enjoyed it.”

“Supernatural” premiered in 2005 before airing its final episode in November 2020.

Elsewhere in the interview, Jeckles spoke about getting fitted for his superhero suit for “The Boys”, how he learned to never tell director Eric Kripke what bothers him, and more.

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