James Corden shared a new version of “Top Gun 3” on “The Late Late Show” this week.

“Top Gun: Maverick” star Tom Cruise and cast members Monica Barbaro, Jay Ellis, and Glen Powell take to the sky with the newest addition to the team, Honey Butter, in the hilarious “Bottom Gun” segment.

Corden says during the critical mission, “Honey Butter, reporting for duty,” as Ellis insists: “Your call sign should strike fear in the heart of the enemy.”

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The talk show host responds, “Alright, what about Karen? Nothing’s scarier than Karen with an agenda,” as Barbaro points out, “My real name is Karen.”

Cruise jokes, “It’s not your fault Karen.”

Corden then pours himself a cup of tea and encourages the team to have a biscuit, replacing Ellis’ parachute with a load of scones after asking how long they can all fly with their eyes closed.

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Despite Corden continuing to mess up throughout the clip, all is not as it seems and it ends with him and Cruise taking off their virtual reality headsets, talking about how great the game was.

Cruise tells Corden, “Honey Butter… you can be my wingman anytime.”

See more in the clip above.