Candace Cameron Bure is getting emotional about the big picture.

On Friday, June 10, the former “Full House” star shared a video of herself on Instagram Story, with tears streaming down her face.

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“Do you ever scroll through Instagram and just get sad at the state of the world?” she wrote in the caption.

“That’s me right now.”

Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram
Candace Cameron Bure/Instagram

In a second video, she shared how she was planning to counter those feelings of sadness by taking the gratitude challenge.

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“I’m going to think of the things that I am grateful for, and I am grateful for God, Lord Jesus Christ, who’s in control of all of it,” she shared. “I’m grateful that He’s already given all of us and me the ability to be justified before Him and be sanctified throughout the process of my life and that He redeems it all at the end.”