Paris Hilton is confirming her attendance at Britney Spears’ wedding to Sam Asghari.

In a brief update for her “This Is Paris” podcast, recorded after she returned home from the wedding, Hilton said that she’d been hearing from people on social media after a photo of her taken at the nuptials emerged.

As Hilton explained, she’d known about the wedding for a while, but pulled out all the stops to keep it all “top secret.”

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In addition, she said she had another event that same night that she decided to blow off.

“I was actually asked to DJ for the president and all the other presidents from around the world, at the dinner, but this was more important to me,” she said, apparently referring to Thursday night’s Summit of the Americas, hosted by President Biden at the White House.

“I’m not gonna go into any details because it was the princess bride’s day, and it’s her story to tell,” Hilton shared. “But all I can say is that I’m just so incredibly happy for her.”

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According to Hilton, the bride “looked stunning and it made me so happy to see that she found her fairytale, and they are a beautiful couple, just glowing.”

The ceremony, added Hilton, “just really warmed my heart — to see her just so happy and free.”

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