Carrie Underwood is sharing some rare comments about her husband, ex-NHL star Mike Fisher.

Speaking with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman about her ninth studio album Denim & Rhinestones, the country superstar reveals whether or not her husband gave her any honest feedback when it came to her new material.

“He’s not my fan,” she admits. “He’s my husband. And there’s stuff that, like, I don’t think he heard until I was done. He will definitely be brutally honest.”

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Underwood adds: “Obviously, I value his opinion and his thoughts and feelings. In this context, not so much. And I don’t mean that in a disrespectful way.”

Fisher, a superstar in his own right, was the captain of the Nashville Predators until announcing his retirement in 2017 after 18 seasons in the NHL.

While the Canadian hockey player may not be giving his wife any musical advice, Underwood feels the same way about giving her man hockey advice.

“He’s not going to come to me for like, ‘Hey, man, I had a terrible game, what do I do in the next game?’ You know what I mean? I’d be like, ‘Oh, no, you look good out on the ice, looks fine to me!'”

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Underwood also reveals they both listen to “very different kinds of music,” while admitting, “I don’t know if he would be a Carrie Underwood fan if he was not married to me.”