Months after his brief stint in jail, Jussie Smollett is hoping to put the scandal that’s dominated his life for the past few years in the rearview mirror

As Ebony reports, the former “Empire” star has found a home for his feature film directorial debut, “B-Boy Blues” which will be streaming on BET+.

Speaking with Ebony, Smollett discussed his first project since he was found guilty of falsely reporting he was the victim of a hate crime.

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“If you look at everything that I’ve really been a part of, every role I’ve been blessed enough to play from Magnus to Jamal to Langston Hughes [in ‘Marshall’] to now kind of ushering in these brilliant new young actors — to be able to stand and show what they can do — it’s always been for the people; it’s always been for love and to show that we are not one thing — we’re so many things,” Smollett said of the film, an adaptation of the James Earl Hardy novel widely credited with breaking ground as the first same-sex love story set with hip-hop culture.

According to Smollett, this is the first of many projects in the works through his new production company, SuperMassive Movies, which he envisions as pursuing projects that offer “just more representation of us, more love from us, more showing us in love and showing us, and I mean everybody.”

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Added Smollett: “I want to show Black love in its full realm in its most beautiful form and I feel like that’s what we started with this film.”

“B-Boy Blues” is currently streaming on BET+.