Chris Martin dropped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” for a performance of Coldplay hit “Biutyful”.

Martin wasn’t backed by Coldplay, however, but by a band called The Weirdos, comprised entirely of puppets.

Fronted by lead singer Angel Moon, The Weirdos are a “band from another planet” (a creation of Jim Henson’s Creature Shop) that also includes drummer Donk, guitarist Sparkman and keyboardist the Wizard — who, collectively, have just signed a recording contract with Atlantic Records.

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In addition to the performance, Martin and The Weirdos sat down for a chat with host Jimmy Fallon, where the puppets introduced themselves and discussed how they came to meet Martin and the other members of Coldplay.

“The Weirdos are a band who we’re trying to help out,” Martin told Billboard in a recent interview.

“I think we thought that we’ve sort of come to the end of doing singles as Coldplay,” Martin said. “I think we’ve probably basically finished doing that, in general. We can’t go more poppier or single-y [than the Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 BTS collaboration ‘My Universe’] than that and that felt good and we’re a bit older now. So we do have songs we want to bring some attention to, but with this we asked The Weirdos if they would do the song and front it and we would feature.”