Jennifer Aniston is ready for her “Morning Show” character to find some romance. 

The actress plays co-anchor Alex Levy on the hit Apple TV+ show.

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While speaking at “The Morning Show” For Your Consideration Panel on Saturday, Aniston said she’d like to see Alex “maybe try to find even a human connection, a love connection of some sort” in season 3. 

“I’d love to see how Alex is with intimacy- of not only just a female but of a male,” she explained. “Because that’s something I think would be really clumsy, and I think it’d be really fun to explore that awkwardness of trying.”

Aniston then went on the talk about the barriers that Alex might face when it comes to finding that special someone. 

“Because how do you maintain what you’ve built up for 15 years, of this career that you built, in the need for relevance and the need to be respected, because that’s a full-time job,” she continued. “I don’t know how you put that, you know, armor down.”

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“The Morning Show” also stars Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell.