Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone are taking a walk down memory lane to the beginning of their relationship.

The Hollywood lovebirds, who wed in 2005, co-star in Netflix’s new comedy series “God’s Favorite Idiot”.

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“I wish it was with a pick-up line,” said McCarthy, while speaking with ET Canada about how her husband first approached her. “[Like] did you hurt yourself when you fell out of heaven?”

“I’m not sure that’s exactly [it],” laughed Falcone.

The pair first crossed-paths while attending an improv class at the LA-based improv company Groundlings.

“We were friends first for a long time,” Falcone continued. “We were writing sketches and stuff together so we had already told each other countless terrible lines.”

“There’s a code of honour I think with sketch groups that the worse you can look in an outfit is kind of like, ‘oh, well they won,'” joked McCarthy. “So he’d already seen me in tight curly perms, and ill fitting dockers. If you’ve seen that and you still want to dip a toe in that I’m like alright, I’ve got him for life.”

“God’s Favorite Idiot” premieres June 15.

The official Netflix synopsis explains, “Clark Thompson (Ben Falcone) is a mid-level tech support employee, who takes saunas with his dad, Gene (Kevin Dunn), pines after his co-worker Amily (McCarthy), and loves his cats.

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“When he starts to glow, he begins to realize this isn’t an average day at the office and God has bigger plans for him. Clark can’t save mankind by himself, he must gather his flock of mismatched co-workers, his longtime crush Amily and angelic allies to outwit Satan herself (Leslie Bibb). Together, they’re just a bunch of average humans coming together for the greater good because, after all, you can’t save the world alone.”