Andrew Lloyd Webber has responded after being booed at the final performance of Cinderella in London, U.K., on Sunday.

The composer was not in attendance at the last show and instead got director Laurence Connor to read a letter for him.

He was quoted as saying the show was a “costly mistake,” which apparently didn’t go down well with the crowd.

Webber then released a statement to clarify his remarks, insisting he’s been “devastated to have been reported to have said that my beloved production of Cinderella was a ‘costly mistake.’”

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His statement included, “Nothing could be further from the truth, and I’m very sorry if my words have been misunderstood. I adore this production and I am incredibly, incredibly proud of Cinderella and everyone who has been involved in our show.”

Webber’s letter on Sunday read, according to Variety, “I am hugely sorry not to be able to be with you today, but I want to thank everyone from our fabulous cast, crew and musicians, the superb creative team… I keep thinking if only we had opened three months later, we wouldn’t have had to postpone our opening twice because of COVID… I promise you we would have been here for a very long time to come.

“My huge thanks to everyone. We kept the government’s feet to the flames and led the charge to the West End opening again. It might have been a costly mistake, but I am proud of what we did and will forever be grateful to everyone who supported me.”

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Variety pointed out the “costly mistake” comment got boos from the audience and there were “looks of visible confusion from the production’s ensemble as they stood on stage.”

The speech concluded, “Cinderella got some of the best reviews of my career and I am immensely proud of it and it’s hugely due to you all. All my love, Andrew.”

Cinderella hit headlines last month when some of the cast of the cancelled show claimed they found out it was ending via social media, BBC reported at the time.

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