Dove Cameron spoke about being able to be herself after coming out as bisexual in a new interview with E! News for iHeartMedia’s “Can’t Cancel Pride” event.

The “Boyfriend” singer identified herself as “super queer” during an Instagram livestream back in 2020, before coming out on the cover of Gay Times magazine’s Summer 2021 issue.

Cameron shared, “I honestly look back at that first initial foray into the conversation about my sexuality as my first time ever really being myself publicly.

“I think there’s this narrative where if you are a queer person and you speak about your identity, it’s though you’ve been sitting on a secret your whole life and it’s this big revelation. Where in my experience, it wasn’t a revelation. I always knew who I was. Ever since I can remember, I knew I was queer.”

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The singer went on, “I wasn’t ever afraid of people knowing who I loved. More so, I was afraid of people having access to the human parts of me in an industry that can be so anti-human. That was definitely an emotional thing, but it turned out to be the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Mentally, I’m so much better now.”

Cameron is set to perform at P&G and iHeartMedia’s “Can’t Cancel Pride 2022: Proud AND Together” on Tuesday, raising money for the LGBTQ+ community.

Urging fans to be allies, she continued: “Social media has changed so much for activism and for community involvement. I like to tell my younger fans, support your queer friends. Be in queer conversations. Create an open space within you, within your community, within your circles and that’s enough.”

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Insisting everything happens for a reason, Cameron said: “Our destinies or the person we’re meant to be is always going to be who we’re going to be.

“It’s just about getting out of our own way and not fighting who we are and that’s really the best service that we can give to ourselves. And if we do that, even the most impossible things can take place.”