Chris Hemsworth is more than happy to return to the “Star Trek” universe.

Hemsworth made his feature film debut in 2009’s “Star Trek” as George Kirk, father of James T. Kirk. Hemsworth returned to the role in 2013’s “Star Trek Into Darkness”.  Reflecting on his career, Hemsworth revealed that he would be more than willing to reunite with director J.J. Abrams and friends.

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“There was talk about me doing the film with Chris Pine at one point,” Hemsworth told Vanity Fair. “The script was sort of put together and then it fell apart. If J.J. Abrams called me tomorrow and said ‘Chris Pine and I want to do it,’ I’d probably say ‘Yeah, let’s go for it!’”

After all, Hemsworth owes a lot to “Star Trek”.

“The film came out and then it gave me some momentum,” Hemsworth said. “I had auditioned for ‘Thor’ a few times — didn’t get a call back. Then had another opportunity to have another callback. ‘Star Trek’ had come out, Kenneth Branagh had seen it.

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“I do think it helped in many, many ways,” he added. “And I think J.J. Abrams and Kenneth had a conversation.”

Hemsworth has a number of movies in the pipeline. “Spiderhead” debuts on Netflix on June 17, while “Thor: Love and Thunder” hits theatres July 8. Meanwhile, “Extraction 2” is set for release in 2023 and “Mad Max: Fury Road” spin-off “Furiosa” is scheduled for 2024.