Simon Cowell is typically seen behind the “America’s Got Talent” judging table, not onstage as part of the acts.

Cowell made a rare exception to this rule during Tuesday’s edition of “AGT” for the audition of Blade 2 Blade, a.k.a. knife-throwing brothers Tyrone and Michael Laner.

To start their act, the two brothers stood opposite each and hurled knives at each other, barely missing and thudding into the large wooden board placed behind each, throwing the knives increasingly faster with the final knife aimed right at one of their heads — which ducked out of the way a fraction of a second before.

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They were then joined by a female contortionist, who morphed her body into a pretzel-like pose on a spinning pole as the brothers proceeded to throw knives just past her — while blindfolded!

As if that wasn’t crazy enough, one brother was then strapped in upside down while the other stood on a revolving platform as they threw axes at each other.

After the act concluded, the judges shared their amazement at the extreme danger act, with Simon Cowell admitting, “What you do, I can only imagine how scary it is.”

“If you want to try, I invite you,” one of the brothers offered, leading the crowd to being chanting, “Simon! Simon!”

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Finally, Cowell relented, standing sideways onstage with a brother on each side, throwing axes that whizzed right past him, dangerously close.

“I guess it’s safer than being on a bike,” joked Howie Mandel, referencing Cowell’s back-breaking bicycle accident in 2020.

Four yes votes from the judge guarantee that viewers of “America’s Got Talent” haven’t seen the last of Blade 2 Blade.