Cheryl Hickey On Keeping Up With Kim Kardashian

So I hear I am interviewing Kim Kardashian and I think, sweet, I watch the Keeping Up With the Kardashians marathons and all the spinoffs. Then I think, crap, everyone will now  “know” I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians and all the spinoffs.

See, it’s a guilty pleasure kind of thing – mindless fun like a Pawn Stars or Jersey Shore or Big Break kind of thing. So I let it go. For the record I love CNN!

Okay, moving on, I hear we have five minutes with Kim but no personal questions. Are you flippin’ kidding me?!!!! That’s all there is… her entire life and star power come from a decision to put her everyday happenings – like brushing her hair extensions to a wedding – on TV. So, without talking about her personal life, there is no context for the story or feature. So now this means to me, it’s time to dance.

I won’t lie to Kim’s PR team and say I won’t ask personal questions, but I will give them a rough – very rough – idea of where I plan to go.

So on the day, I finishing shooting ET Canada in the studio and drive down to the Hazelton Hotel where I meet our team in a penthouse suite. Our two-camera shoot is ready to go and our producers and I have a plan. I start talking with them about something that sort of dawned on me while driving down. It’s so easy for people to jump on the “she shouldn’t be famous” bandwagon. You can’t dispute that the business of being a Kardashian and success of opening  stores, developing clothing lines and supporting charities is not from hard work. Then the question occurs to me that perhaps, yes perhaps, if this wedding meltdown had happened to a guy, would he have been hailed as a “good guy” for “being honest” and cutting it short when he realized the feelings were not there? Just sayin’… food for thought.

Regardless, to be able to continue to have the strength to front a new business while many are trying to take you down takes tenacity. So while originally going into this, I was frustrated with the “don’t ask personal questions”; request, I now understand. But, they still can’t expect us not to use these questions to create context.

Next thing you know: “Knock knock!! Who’s there?”; Kanye and Kim. Honestly Kanye has softened in his old age… he was holding her purse. It’s nice to see that chivalry is not dead in the Hollywood spotlight.

Up close, Kim is stunning. Her skin is just flawless and she sparkles. The woman has got curves for days and I so enjoyed watching our loving Pete (our cameraman) put a mic on Kim, who points at her blouse and says: “It can’t go there, I am all taped up!”;

Once the interview is done, I leave the hotel.

What is very interesting is for the rest of the evening I take questions from people, who will remain nameless, who claim to have no interest in the Kardashians… but had many questions. “How she was? What did she wear? What did she say? Who was she with?”;

So I will end on this – some claim they don’t waste their time with the Kardashian shows, so I ask – why were so many of you curious about all things Kim Kardashian after the interview? Just sayin’!!!

Thanks Kim for making ETC your first stop in Canada!! Watch Part 1 of my interview below and Part 2 on ET Canada on Monday!




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