The Jonas Brothers made an emphatic return to the music industry in 2019 to the delight of fans.

Their hit song “Sucker” was not just the first step ahead of their comeback tour. It was the mending of broken family ties. The brotherhood of musicians sat down with People to reflect on the past, celebrate the present, and look forward to the future.

“We all have families and live in different places,” says Nick. “We’re in a better spot now than we’ve ever been, and it’s a really fun season of discovering what the next chapter is going to look like.”

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“Over the years, you start to take advantage of the [sibling] relationship because it’s a safe space,” Joe says of their split nearly a decade ago. “You feel like you can say anything, and that can be damaging.”

Their 2013 breakup was terribly needed.

“It allowed us to understand who we were as people,” Kevin says.

The brothers give a lot of credit to their significant others: Joe’s wife Sophie Turner, Kevin’s wife Danielle Jonas, and Nick’s wife Priyanka Chopra.

“It made us all better people, I think, finding brilliant partners in life,” Nick says. “[They] helped us all to be better versions of ourselves, because I think that’s what they require of us.

“It’s a beautiful thing to have been able to go on this journey over these last couple of years and mark them with the happiness that we’ve all felt at home. We’re having the time of our lives.”

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Despite their busy career as a band, their solo endeavours, and their individual family lives, the Jonas Brothers are managing far better than they did as teens.

“We try to bring in our own traditions for our extended families that we’re starting to grow and grow and grow,” Joe says. “We don’t feel the pressure to go, go, go, constantly like we once did.”