A 9-year-old girl from the U.K. managed to shock the judges on “America’s Got Talent” with a very unexpected performance.

As Harper walked on the stage, wearing sneakers and a black dress, judge Sofia Vergara could be heard commenting, “Aw, so cute.”

After a bit of chitchat with the judges, Heidi Klum asked Harper if she’s nervous. “Very,” the girl admitted before Klum wished her good luck.

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Suddenly, the industrial-sounding intro began for “Holy Roller”, a song from Canadian metal band Spiritbox.

“Holy roller sits in the garden we fled, blood into wine take my body instead,” she speak-sang, causing the judges to look at each other in confusion.

Then the song kicked into gear, with Harper’s voice transforming into a demonic scream on such lines as “Born of blood in Seraphim,” concluding with an ear-splitting shriek.

“This was unexpected, I have to say,” said Klum of the performance.

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“Well, we did say we like surprises,” admitted Simon Cowell, asking Harper, “When did all this start?”

“Since I was three,” Harper responded, prompting Vergara to tell her, “It’s like you have a monster inside,” and Cowell to ask if she’d ever seen “The Exorcist”.

Four yes votes from the judges mean Harper will be back to put her unique heavy-metal spin on another song in a future episode.