Tiffany Haddish is getting honest about her relationships.

The actress dropped by the “Keepin’ It Rel with Young Wayne” podcast to talk relationships and careers with hosts Lil Rel Howery and Young Wayne.

Reflecting on how she’s been handling the single life after breaking up with rapper Common in November, Haddish said she was adjusting.

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“Some days it’s fun, some days it’s not. Either way it goes, I’m hot to trot,” she shared. “Some days, it’s like, ‘Dang I wish there was somebody here I could like chop it up with or share this thing, or share that thing with.’ Other days I’m like, ‘Man I don’t have to check in with nobody, I can move how I want to, and stay out as late as I want to’ — and nobody is like, ‘Where you at? You ain’t home. Are you really in these streets? You at somebody’s house?’ Whatever dudes be saying.”

While the comedian may be single for now, she does hope to get settled down one day.

Keepin’ It Rel with Young Wayne – Photo: Keepin’ It Rel with Young Wayne podcast
Keepin’ It Rel with Young Wayne – Photo: Keepin’ It Rel with Young Wayne podcast

“Yeah I’d definitely get married again… maybe not by legal standards though. But maybe we drop a contract, a contractual agreement,” she added.

Haddish was previously married to William Stewart in 2008 before they finalized their divorce in 2013.

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For now, the 42-year-old is focused on building her career — work that she can be proud of regardless of any accolades.

“Those trophies is nice but it’s nothing like having that body of work and being able to be with the people… that’s all that matters,” she explained. “I know the Emmy changed the bag, that’s for sure… the nominations change the bag.”