Katy Perry Talks Vulnerability, Fashion, Miley & More In Her Chat With ET Canada

It wouldn’t be much of a Katy Perry Week here at ET Canada if we didn’t have a chat with the singer, now would it?

Our Roz Weston sat down with the pop superstar for an intimate one-on-one where Perry opened up about a wide range of topics, including sharing some insight into how her emotions and experiences have made her such a strong songwriter.

“My vulnerability and my lyrics are my strength,”; revealed the multi-platinum selling artist. “I think a lot of people relate to the lyrics. They’re like, “Oh, I’m not feeling so alone in my own problems. Katy Perry’s going through the same things too.'”;

It’s an approach to songcraft that provides Perry with a feeling of empowerment as well.

“It’s very therapeutic and cathartic,”; notes the “Roar”; hitmaker. “Sometimes I need to write those anthemic songs in order to feel that strength boost. I’m writing these songs to heal myself again in some ways.”;

Perry’s sit-down with ET Canada also featured the Prism chanteuse sharing her thoughts on what it’s like to exist in the same pop universe as Miley Cyrus.

“(Miley’s) just doing something different,”; offered Perry. “Like we’re in two different ball games because she’s, you know, she’s 20 I’m 29. She’s kind of just starting out her career as an artist and you’ve got to remember I’ve been through all those steps already.”;

Be sure to tune in to ET Canada tonight for Roz Weston’s interview with Katy Perry, including a discussion of the star’s unique approach to fashion and what she does with all those clothes that get sent her way.

Don’t forget, it’s Katy Perry Week on the show, so keep it locked on ET Canada all week long for all the Katy Perry action you can handle.

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