Faith Hill appeared on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” to discuss her role in the hit “Yellowstone” prequel “1883”.

During her visit, the country singer turned actress also reflected on her first movie role, in the 2004 film “The Stepford Wives”.

“I did ‘Stepford Wives’ with an amazing cast,” Hill recalled. “It wasn’t the best experience, so I said I will never, ever, ever, ever do anything like that — a movie. It took so long. The waiting for me… I cannot. I have to be busy doing stuff.”

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When she and husband Tim McGraw were offered “1883”, however, she was forced to reconsider the promise she made to herself after the “Stepford Wives” experience.

“For the script to have been so incredibly well written, I honestly had never read anything like it,” she told host Kelly Clarkson. “We just made the decision to do it.”

When the couple agreed to the join “1883”, they set up some parameters about working together — including one key rule.

“My rule with Tim, I said, ‘Look, if we’re going to do this together, we cannot run lines together, ever. We cannot talk about the scene that we’re filming tomorrow, ever,” Hill explained.

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“That was, in my opinion, the only way for me to make it feel real and authentic,” she continued. “It had to be when the cameras were rolling. We’re on set, roll.”

Meanwhile, Clarkson opened up about a very special night in her life that featured Hill and fellow country superstars Shania Twain and Reba McEntire